Jumaat, 23 Oktober 2009

ya ummi....

I Will Come Back Mother Kissing Your Luscious Head
Divulging My Longing To You And Sipping Your Right Hand’s Essence
Nuzzling My Cheek In Your Feet Soil
Watering The Ground With My Joyful Tears
How Many Nights You Were Sleepless Working To Get Me Sleeping Like A Kid
And How Many Times You Were Thirsty But You Worked To Water Me With All Tenderness
And I Will Never Forget Your Rainy Eyes When I Was Sick
And Your Restless Eye Scared Of Any Danger May Happen To Me
And What About Our Farewell In That Dawn ,, What A Hard Dawn It Was
No Heart Can Ever Describe The Abandonment That You Faced By Me
Then You Said Something I Couldn’t Forget Up Until Now :
It’s Impossible That You Will Find Warmer Arms Than Mine
Oh My (( Life’s Joy )) The Creator Of The Universe Commanded Me To Be Loyal To You
Your Content Is The Secret Of My Good Fortune And Your Love Is My Faith’s Sparkle
Don’t Be Sad Mother ,, Here Am I ,, I Came To You With Teary Eyes
Don’t Be Sad Mother ,, There Will Be No Separation From Now On ,, Until The Separation Of Death..

i love you mom...so much...

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  2. pembetulan diterima..,haha!!!